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You understand that SEO is a fantastic strategy when you want your business to grow. You know, more traffic and more leads to equal more sales. It might be time to hire a great SEO company. It’s unfortunate, though that many companies don’t know that much about SEO and that leaves them vulnerable to unscrupulous firms that take advantage of them. For your business to land on Google’s first page in search results, you will have to take a disciplined approach when looking for the best SEO firm you can find.

This requires understanding the warning signs to look for when shopping for an SEO company to turn your SEO over to. Following are eight definite signals that any SEO firm you are considering is not right for you:

Their strategy includes purchasing Backlinks:

It’s true that linking another site with your help, but you don’t want to get those links in this manner. An SEO firm that uses unreputable services from which to buy backlinks will result in automated and low-quality backlinks. A good amount of these pages are linked to what is known as “free for all” pages that filled with unrelated and irrelevant links. Additionally, this is an excellent way to receive a penalty from Google since buying backlinks is against their policies. Even companies like Mozilla and BBC who engage in this practice get penalized by Google.

The firm you are looking at does SEO copywriting:

Beware of SEO firms that offer SEO copywriting and avoid them. The algorithms Google uses to rank content have changed, and that means writing for the search engines and keyword stuffing are dying practices. Instead of relying on these tactics, SEO firms should consider attending marketing 101 again, not just trying to game the system. Misspelled key terms or inserting unnatural text to add other search terms will no longer work to get higher rankings.

It is important for Edmonton SEO firms to understand your audience, create content that is consistent with your brand, and that is compelling to readers while paying close attention to spelling and proper grammar. One should also keep in mind that “sticky sites,” you know, those with low bounce rates are ranked higher. That means that including content that tells a compelling story and keeps your readers engaged, will improve your prices along with your rankings.

Promises of fast results:

There is an art to SEO, so if you encounter a firm that promises quick results that can be seen within a few days or even a month, run the other direction. Getting fast results is often because the SEO firm has used “black hat” techniques. Shortcuts like this can pay quick dividends, but they are also an excellent way to find your business in Google’s penalty box. Good SEO requires time to see results, and the process is ongoing. Using the right firm will have your results improve continually, year after year.

Special Tools?:

You may find yourself in awe of an SEO firm that tells you that they have a secret sauce that makes them unique. They explain their special automated process and brag about having proprietary tools that will get your site ranked fast. You’re falling for this spiel and want to sign up right away. Before doing this, take a moment to step back and think it over. The field of SEO is not a hackerspace any longer because Google cracked down by changing its algorithm so that it focuses on organic and natural content. It is now a space for marketers and “special tools” are sure to backfire. Forgive me for being repetitious, but many SEO tactics will end up getting you blacklisted, and most won’t be seeing the light of day much longer since they likely violate Google policies.

They’re anxious to get you locked in:

Again, step back and take a closer look if the SEO firm pressures you to sign up immediately. Ask yourself why they want to get you tied up in a long commitment, such as a year or longer. That’s a sure way to keep you locked into their system if you figure out they are not going to deliver on the promises they’ve made. Why would any firm need a long-term commitment if they are good at their job?

They haven’t been in business long enough to develop a reputation. We get it, lots of good SEO firms open all the time. Even so, it’s good practice to wait to sign up with any SEO firm until it has so good experience with the industry. Being first to sign up with a new firm that hasn’t even ironed out the kinks is never a good idea. This is especially true when wrong techniques can spell disaster for your business.

They have no references:

An essential step in hiring an SEO firm is the ability to speak with references such as current or past clients. If the firm has no references to offer when you request them, it should be crossed off your list. The most likely reason for not having a list of references for potential clients is that they have no satisfied customers for you to talk with.

Packages are not customizable:

Every business website is different with different needs, different goals, and different targeted audiences with specific reasons for entering the SEO game. You should look for a different firm if you are engaging in interviews with a firm that only offers “one size fits all” packages. Good firms will study your business, know what your objectives are, analyze your website, and research the competition. They can only create a solution after going through this process. Trying to squeeze your business into a neat ready-made package is a mistake, especially without taking a close look at your requirements.

A good first step in finding the right SEO company for your needs means determining which ones are completely wrong. By heeding the warning signs above, you could spare yourself major problems by avoiding risky firms that will render bad results and get penalized by Google and other search engines.

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bookmark_borderHiring An SEO Company For Your Business

SEO, which stands for search engine optimization, is a major tool for online marketing. Brands seeking a widely targeted audience, lead generations, and a well-known corporate identity must incorporate SEO into their marketing. When looking for an expert in search engine optimization, you need to be careful in your selection. The following guidelines will help you find the best-reviewed and respected SEO agencies.

The Benefits Of Hiring An SEO Agency

A quality search engine optimization company should offer:

  • The ability to focus on your business without concern for what the company is doing
  • A quality website that is both functional and attractive offering users an enjoyable experience
  • Higher rankings in the search engine result from the biggest search engines, such as Bing, Google, and Yelp

All of the above should give your brand higher rankings, a larger amount of traffic from organic searches, an increase in leads, lower bounce rates and a higher increase in conversions, leading to a higher increase in revenue.

Those are the basic elements of good SEO. The best company will stand out with even more benefits for your online marketing strategy. There are five important things to pay attention to when you want to hire a company for your business’s SEO.

Have a List of Goals

In order to find the right SEO services you need, you must know where you need to improve your online presence. If you simply need better rankings and a bit more traffic, you will need a limited amount of SEO. If your website is failing, you need a company that can upgrade your website and online presence from the bottom up. If you are not sure of where you need improvements, you can hire an expert in SEO to examine your site and give you a list of required improvements.

Good References

You cannot always tell a quality company by their own claims. The best way to find an SEO marketing agency is to read or listen to reviews from past and current clients. You can find reviews and testimonials online and even contact SEO clients for better insight into the quality of service. The best sites for reviews are Google, Glassdoor, Clutch, and Yelp. There are also other good review sites to be found online.

Trustworthy Relationships

When you are seeking services for your business, you must be able to trust them. When you hire a company for your SEO, you should be able to build a relationship with them that is based on trust. Are all meetings accounted for? Do they use professional work methods? Is the package they offer worth the money you will pay for it? Are they careful to report the procedures they use? If you are satisfied with what you find, you will know that you can trust your SEO agency.

Tracking and Monitoring of Data

A quality SEO agency must track and measure online data and be able to generate results based on the data they find. The data should include forms on your website, activity on your site, your click-through rate, phone calls, and other measurable engagements. The firm must be able to provide a strategy that is based on the results of their tracking and monitoring. You need to be able to make the right decisions based on those results.

Have a Budget Plan

Do not sign an agreement without having a budget plan in place. Find out about the packages and deals they offer and ask about options for customization. Your agreement must work within your budget. Experienced and professional SEO companies will have a list of packages and available customizations to offer you. Of course, a good SEO package must be more than just affordable. It must fit with the goals you have for your business or brand.

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